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Pampa Cortés Dance Scholarship

Pampa Cortés is perhaps best known as an internationally renowned stage dancer. He directed dance companies for more than 30 years, training hundreds of dancers of all levels. Several folkloric and tango dancers give thanks to his mentoring them to professional careers.

Pampa loved teaching dance to children. His youth dance classes in Buenos Aires had more than 100 young students at one time.

It is in that spirit that we are establishing the Pampa Cortés Dance Scholarship. Before he passed away, he shared that it was his dream that his artistic work would be carried on by future generations.

Application Requirements:

Please let people know about this dance scholarship. The deadline is January 10, 2015. The festival is January 18.

1. Serious dance students age 14 and up may apply. Must provide proof of enrollment. Age is not a factor in decision.

2. The scholarship is for entry into all activities of the New World Tap Festival and a stipend for meals and is valued at $200.

3. Submit a completed application form w/ signed liability of waiver. Minors age 14 & up must have signed parental consent. People under age 14 must have their legal guardian call Gigi Jensen, festival director, (510) 326-6415.

4. Include a letter of recommendation from a dance or physical education professional.

5. Write a brief essay about why you dance, what is your dance background, and what you hope to do with the material you will learn at the Festival.

5. Scholarship is non-transferable.

For more information, contact Gigi Jensen:
(510) 326-6415