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Festival Personnel

Festival Director:

Patricia "Gigi" Jensen brings her 17 years of show & festival production to this project. She has brought together a fabulous faculty of dance artists, and a hard-working support team to help with the considerable work of making this happen. A special thank you to Gigi's mentor, Pampa Cortés. Without him, Gigi would still be teaching middle school art and planning her retirement.

Over the years, Gigi and Pampa produced several stage shows through their company, Tango A Media Luz, and later through Tango & More Argentine Dance, founded by Gigi in 2006.

  ¡Así se baila el tango!  / This is how you dance tango!
  ¡Argentina! Tango & Malambo
  Fantasía Argentina
  Destino de Tango
  Las Americas from North to South
  Our Feet Speak the Rhythms of Our Hearts
  Tradiciones de mi pueblo / My Home Town Traditions
  Our Feet Tell Our Stories:  A Night of Tap Among Friends

Gigi produced the Pampa Cortés presents the Memorial Day Tango Festival in Houston, Texas, and made her directorial debut with her 2010 show "Argentina Dances". Ms. Jensen has taught and performed in various cities in the US with Cortés and several times in Guatemala. She has placed first in various dance competitions and reached the semi-finals in the USA Argentine Tango Festival 2014. Her work in the dance arts community allowed her to participate on granting panels, as a four-time judge for Carnaval San Francisco, and on the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards panel. Her published works can be found at Danzahoy.com

Technical Director

Warren Jensen
handles all things technical for the company. He is a middle school technology education teacher (the new incarnation of shop teacher) in Pleasanton, CA. His cheerful and knowledgeable behind-the-scenes presence keeps all things that plug in working smoothly. Warren is also an accomplished Argentine tango dancer and loves to teach, especially folks who have two left feet like he did in the beginning of his tango life.