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Educational Shows & Programs

2009 found us bringing to life our dream of providing Argentine dance & cultural programs to schools and seniors communities.

In these tough economic times, schools and seniors activity programs have had to cut their offerings. We provide low- or no-cost presentations to help fill that gap. Folkloric dance & tango are wonderful expressions of Argentina's rich cultural heritage. We fund this program through sponsorships and fundraising activities. Want to help?  Give Gigi Jensen a call at (510) 326-6415.

We performed our first program on 3/31/09 at the Julia Morgan School for Girls in Oakland. Gigi & Carlos Castaño gave a lecture/demonstration to 50+ middle school girls. What fun! Thank you to April McCurtry, their Spanish language teacher, for inviting us.

May 2nd found Warren & Gigi performing at the Cinco de Mayo & Latino culture celebration at O'Hara Park Middle School in Oakley. It was fun to share their dance talents with former workmates and students (some whose children now attend the school!).

"The 8th graders at the Julia Morgan School for Girls were fortunate to have Gigi Jensen and her partner Carlos give a presentation... The show included a fun and informational video about the origins and present day conceptions about tango music and dance... all 60 students were captivated." - April McMurtry, Spanish Teacher

Tango & More performed  for the entire school at Jean Parker Elementary. Brooke Byrne started the program w/ Malambos de Pies & Malambos de Boleadoras. Tap dancing between whirling weapons - cool! The tango dancers shared social-style tango that really showed how tango is a joyful dance. Bernardo Lurie w/ Yumiko Krupenina and Jim Smith w/ Gigi Jensen.  As Yumiko said afterwards, "It is such a different energy to dance for children. It's very nice!"

Additional programs include the San Leandro Senior Info Fair, The Sequoias, (a senior living community in San Francisco), Oakland's Melrose Leadership Academy's fundraising night, and most recently - Mt. Tamalpais School in Mill Valley.

"Thank you so much for performing at our Unity event. Your performance was beautiful!" - Moyre Contreras, Principal, Melrose Leadership Academy

Thank you to our Performers:
Brooke Byrne (dancer)
Carlos Castaño (dancer)
Glenn Corteza (musician)
Jesse Cuevvas (musician)
Count Glover (dancer)
Bernardo Lurie (dancer)
Yukiko Krupenina (dancer)
Julian Miller (musician)
Jim Smith (dancer)
Katy Sullivan (dancer)
Maurice Wren (dancer)

"Your troupe of dancers connected with audience well. Their smiles to the young audience told us they wanted to be here and share with us their talents." - Janet Dong, Principal, Jean Parker Elementary School

Thank you to our Donors & Sponsors:
Heather Houston
David Lei
Mt. Tamalpais School
Vernon Products

Do you know of a school or a group of seniors that might be interested in receiving one of our sponsored programs? Let us know. We're always scheduling performances and raising funds to make these happen.

Want to donate but don't know how? Give us a call and speak w/ Gigi Jensen at (510) 326-6415.
1. Bernardo Lucero, Alicia Bonovini, Moyre Contreras, Gigi Jensen, Maurice Wren
2. Carlos Castaño & Gigi Jensen at Julia Morgan School for Girls
3. Brooke Byrne at Jean Parker Elementary School
4. Jim Smith in cafeteria at Jean Parker Elementary School