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We can make your event truly memorable!

We can offer you something new & different for your club, civic group, or family party. We tailor our presentations to fit your needs and budget. Options include:

Tango dancing
Folkloric dancing
Tango DJ

Our satisfied clients have had us perform at their their bridal showers and weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and exchange student welcome parties. We've danced in several Latino Heritage Month events, taught dance at universities, corporate gala events, and even an Oakland Raiders game. Corporate clients have included the California Academy of Sciences, Mills College Dance Department, public schools, and various corporations’ Diversity Day programs.  Complete client and performance lists available upon request

Satisfied customers' comments:

Newlyweds Debbie & Darren said, “We received rave reviews of the dancers and our guests thought it was a great touch for the wedding. The dancers did the dances as we expected - the dancing was beautiful and everything went according to plan. I'm very glad that your dancers participated in our wedding.”

Our stage production garnered the following review,

“Argentina! Tango y Malambos”
is a delicate and respectful meeting of tango and folkloric in an intelligent and attractive manner.  - Danza Hoy, the international webzine of dance in Spanish

Santa Clara University's Robert Bozina, producer of the Music at Noon series said, “[Bandoneón: Notable Tango”] was a wonderful performance and it was put together with great skill and care.”

"[Gigi Jensen, director] arranged a fabulous music and dance production of tango and folklore, all adding to the festive and convivial atmosphere of the afternoon." 
Argentine Ladies Mercy Association, Boletín No. 33