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Come Join in the Fun & Celebrate Argentine Dance with Us for

Bay Area Dance Week

Our 10th Year!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

All Free Classes!


Bay Area Dance Week is a 10-day celebration of dance featuring hundreds of FREE classes, performances, open rehearsals, lecture demonstrations, and the wildly popular Kick-Off event. For the complete information about this fabulous festival of dance, visit www.bayareadance.org

All our events will be held at DC Dance Studio, 1555 Washington Ave, San Leandro, CA. Plenty of parking at the Safeway/SL City parking lot 1/2 block north and on-street, too. There are several great little restaurants within walking distance. Make the day a Sunday adventure!

Argentine Folk Dance 1:00 pm

Argentine folk dance is fun and aerobic. Learn a little zapateo (gaucho tap) and zarandeo (skirt swishing) as the base for El Gato and El Escondido, two popular Argentine folk dances taught throughout Argentina. Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies: bring a wide or circle skirt. Click Here to Register

The Music of Tango  2:30 pm

It is said that Argentine Tango is a music that some people dance to some of the time. For many people all over the world, tango music is part of their personal landscapes but it's to listen to. So why are people inspired to dance to it? Understanding how the music shaped the dance is what Gigi Jensen, director of Tango & More Argentine Dance, will talk about. Click here to register

Intro to Argentine Tango

Warren & Gigi Jensen will share the fundamentals of Argentine tango. Elegant posture, smooth movement, and musicality come together in the style known as Tango Salón from the Golden Age of Tango (1940s-50s). No need to bring a partner. Hard soled shoes recommended. (Leave the stilletos at home.) Click here to register

Want more info? Call Gigi at (510) 326-6415